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 "faces 2" 

video of the outdoor installation

300 random anonymous faces from an online social network placed in an environment


 fluorescent tubes landscape             fluorescent tubes landscape

      "fluorescent tubes landscape"                            view from highway of "fluorescent tubes", captured by Travis DeMoney 

48 fluorescent light tubes placed in an environment


individually wrapped cheese slices landscape

"individually wrapped cheese slices landscape"

2000 cheese slices placed in an environment



bulbs landscape

"bulbs landscape"

250 cfl light bulbs placed in an environment




"signals" installation

individual c-prints placed in an environment



abandoned sofa                abandoned sofa               abandoned sofa

"abandoned sofa #3"                                       "abandoned sofa #5"                                      "abandoned sofa #2"

individual silver gelatin prints placed in an environment



underground garage

"underground garage" installation

  individual silver gelatin prints placed in an environment



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