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american cheese chair

"american cheese chair"

840 individually wrapped cheese slices




pieces from the "artificial fruit" series


"fried chicken"

disassembled handgun


game      game-close-up


24 black birds


stole-front   stole-back


1200 feet of barbed wire cut into 5 inch pieces and attached to a fur wrap




hundreds of fishing lines, one fish




425 razor blades



"safety belts"




459 rounds (bullets) purchased off of the internet with no identification or background check required


peels          peels


365 banana peels on a dress form


empty canisters          empty canisters

"empty canisters"

35mm film canisters


ball          ball


12" in diameter, 7 broken liquor bottles




railroad spike, taxidermied fish


safe dandelion dandelion safe dandelions

"safe dandelions"

running fans blowing on dandelions that are encased in plastic cubes


life vest

"life vest"

a life vest pierced by 35 pounds of nails


freeze pop shower curtain

"freeze pop shower curtain"

180 freeze pops



bandaids  bandaids  bandaids  bandaids


2880 band aids placed on a mannequin





"treat"  series

free hanging sculptures suspended with fishing line


"pedestrians"  36 videos combined into grid format



"media"  88 pieces, each piece 3 1/4"x 3 1/4"
silver prints in plastic wrappers



"faces"  161 pieces, each piece 7" x 4 1/2", overall size 50" x 105"

         random anonymous faces from an on-line social network etched onto clear plastic brochure holders



               "prime"  13 pieces, each piece 8.5"x14"


         "only human"  6' x 6'

comprised of all the basic chemical elements that form a human being, contained in an acrylic box


shadows i know

"shadows i know" installed
   each shadow 84"x 36"




 "shadows i know" video



                        self portrait  self portrait      

            self portrait with the contents of my vacuum cleaner bag



        from the "overpass" series    



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