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individual silver gelatin prints, mounted and then combined

different doors                                   different doors

"different doors that are the same"                                                       section of "different doors"     

 actual size 73" x 60"                                                                                                 


                  "tire remains"                                                                              section of "tire remains"

                             actual size 70"x 104"                                                                                                                                 

blank signs

                                      "blank signs"                                     

 actual size 56" x 37"

I-95   Red Bull   Blue Gloves

      "I-95"                                                           "red bull"                                                     "blue gloves"

        actual size 74" x 54"                                       actual size 79" x 50"                                  actual size 69" x 51" c-prints
              Boca Raton                   

  "covered cars" 

 actual size 37" x 61"


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